Concept & desing by Zoltan Enevold
Photographer unknown
Publicated at Madrid, Spain on July 2016
Perfect binding
21 cm x 14,8 cm ( 8.5 x 6.75 inches)
96 pages/ 78 images + 18 graphic bitmaps
Digital / Cover 300grs. / Inside pages: 135 grs.
120 copies signed & numbered
Printed at Bangladesh

Book Description: Series of images based on a collection of street found photos.

"FOTOFUN" is a photobook made with photos I found on the street.
All photos are from the same photographer and where taken in Australia during the 80´s.
A young theatre actor is the main character of this book, probably the photographer´s brother.
As actors through life, we use different masks and make-ups in order to build our own personality but many times they´re just roles or identities. As years go by we keep on searching for our inner self.
On this photobook we can see the main character growing up as he represents different roles on different theatre plays. Through these photos and bitmaps I try to represent the search of our identity.

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